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Get Ready for ICC10/25 in 1-2weeks

Posted by Chromaggus Eu ftw on June 14, 2010 at 11:02 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok the "basics" for which speck you should pick, what glyphs and what you should aim for and even some helpfull tips and Points of Intrest to be ready for Icc10 in 1-2weeks.

I am assuming the following...

:Your level 80.

:Your Sitting with green/blue quest items(no Dungeon Q items) for both holy and tank speck.

:Your in a guild that have atleast 11/12 icc10 on farm.

:You have some gold to spend(ohh noes! my monies!)

:You have atleast 3-4hours a day with both Dual Speck (Holy+Prot) or equally have a tank friend with this amount of time to help you out each day.

:You have done The magority of Usefull quests in Wotlk ie.Sons rep(check bags for Slag Covered Metal Fool!)

:You have some Basic Knowledge of the tactics for ToC 10/25.(Bubbling may save your life when the beast charges but he will still enrage! hehe)

Ok Lets Begin.

1. First step, Get to the pala trainer and take the following speck and,kJ83eR,12213 , then head to the ah and get the glyphs that's paired with that speck, while there get some Relics of Ulduar. I know some people will disagree with some of my choices but these glyphs and Build are imo the best choice for getting the HC Grind under your belt. The Tank Build and glyphs are entirely up to you as they all work out pretty well, i went with the 5/51/15 Build.(remember to get the 5 tp's in Seal of the Pure as more than likely the guys in your dungeon group will already have average gear and should be pulling 3.5-4.5 Dps so the SoP will help the threat problem you will face).

2.Wait! get your finger of that mouse and don't Queue Just yet, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!

Get over to the Kirin tor and get the Tabard, people will say "but Mp5+SP is the new Cheese & Wine of pala healing." yeah and imo it is but not for rampaging through the Dungeon finder like a crazed 40 year old virgin man at a jonas brother concert!. Ok, Blizz new dungeon System not letting you Queue for the Magority of the HC Dungeons? meh get to Ah and BO the cheap Items that are of higher ilevel than your current gear (note don't spend anything more than 50-60g for and item your just using it to be able to queue for more HC's you wont actually be wearing it). Ok Queue up for random, Do not queue for specific Dungeons, The added 2 badgers are worth more than certain Bits of loot at this time.



Healing tactics~ it really depends on your group, if they have average gear and the tank has an ok HP pool *34-44k* then throw the beacon on the tank and begin the random spamming of HL on the group:)

Ok you have spent 15mins in Nexus,the Groups went smooth, no Fuck ups,no idiot mages spamming sheep on a boss etc. and your at last boss, what im about to tell you to do is in some cases nasty but if you wanna be icc10/25 ready in a week then just do it.

Take a quick look at the one from your server?Good. Ok kill that boss and need on anything thats plate,sp, anything you can need on NEED IT, it's not a nice thing to do but the loots crap and anybody could replace it and to top it off it's another means of Accessing higher level HC's(imo blizz caused this Needing Frenzy)

Rinse and repeat this untill you get enough badges to get some 245 Gear. Aim for the Head,shoulders etc. don't buy the Libram yet that will come later when your more mana efficent and your raiding icc.

You can get enough Badges for the gear within maybe 4-5days if you just keep doing this, equally if you have a close nit bunch of 2-3 friends they can just boost you in the icc 5 man normal dungeons whilst Queueing or even when your fed up of the LFG System, yup so many ways to get those wellfare epics ind.

Now your suited and booted with some random i245gear, a few peices of fugly i232 gear and some other crappy loot, Gratz. Socket and enchant that shit! Yup Stack 20 int and get that 30int on weapon! you are now -2000-3000G.


3. Now it's time to start looking for toc10/25 groups. Be geniune let them know that you have just dinged and offer to come for and inspect even let them querey you about the boss encounters also take note of the guy starting the group, if the group is sucessful then add him to your friends, if it goes smooth let him know in the end you appreciate the fact he gave you a spot. A few kind words and a show of respect will get you a spot in maybe some other helpfull raids.


Been sitting in Trade Looking for a group for the past Half hour? ok the time has come to Form your own toc10 raid, Don't be one of those "LINK GS+ACHEIVY+CONTACT INFO+NAME THE CAPITAL OF IRAN"guys, thats what gets you a "newb rep" simply do /2 "lfm toc10 come for a quick inspect @ ____ , alts welcome aslong as you know what to do." and if Your going to ask in G/chat don't be the "Heay Guiz i Need lik 9 otherz to halp in toc10 for lootz halp plox" guy either, they will see you as much use in thier guild as a condom with a hole in it. A simple G/chat message of " forming a toc10 alts welcome w/ me for inv." should be suffice.

Try not to be too picky but don't bring the tank in greens with argent commison trinket.

Usually you can tell what a players like within a few minutes of conversation.

Do all the raids that will benifit you, try stear clear from the likes of Naxx and malagos the badgers are good in Naxx but sometimes it can take a few hours just for a few badges and malagos in general can be a Soul shattering experince if you or someone in the group has no clue what to do. Instead

Stick to ToC10/25,VoA10/25,ulduar10/25(thats were u will be wanting to go for trinkets etc) ony10/25 and os10/25 all easy badges aswell and some half decent starter Gear, also don't forget to ask your raid leader if you could possibly come in for the first 4 boss's of in icc10/25, If none of them have downed the LK yet and HC version isnt accessable yet they may let you come if the others have the gear from these boss's and it's not just getting Offspecked and Disenchanted. It will also demonstrate that your keen on raiding with them, commitment and loyality are always good traits for a future Raider.

Ah Yound Paladin, How You have grown...

So the Raidleader has told you that they are willing to boost you in the first 4boss's in ICC25:) good time to head back to the AH and Pala trainer to spend some more Gold.The Joy:)

Ok im not calling you a noob but don't Roll a flashadin speck it won't impress the RL, so stick to HL Speck.

a few possible speck's



Get all gear Gemmed,Enchanted and don't forget the BoA Relics from the Factions.

aim for atleast:

:30k Mana UB

:35% Holy Crit

:2-2.2k SP

:600 Haste

:250mp5 (depending on if you have mastered your 80% mana rotation yet)

Remember: Your Not there to heal Snipe and rock the meters. Your there to Demonstrate your ability to raid and Maintain the current standard of raiding in your guild, heal sniping is Obvious and Risky So don't do it:) Yet.

Good Luck in your Raiding and i hope this has helped atleast some one.